New life, new projects.

New life, new projects.

Creativity is one of our most powerful characteristics we possess.

I’m always looking for new ways to enhance my creativity.
I tried practising traditional art skills, then, as everything is based on digital, I decided to give it a try. I always wanted to do this, as I’m quite good with computers, maybe I haven’t done it before because I was scared of loosing my ‘arty’ soul in the process.

It was beautiful to discover that web designing is another way to merge science and art; numbers and math operations with colors and patterns.

I recently learned the whole process of creating web pages and mobile apps. I really got into the UX (User Experience) process (Just remembered one annoying thing about this is the extense bunch of initials they talk with, I know most of them are long words, but some people tend to use them too much without knowing their meaning, on Job adverts mostly actually…).

And now that I know these things, I see how poorly designed this blog is. I’m currently working on my final project for this course, a mobile app for a friend and my web page. Next thing will be this blog. I should keep it, despite how old it is.

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