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New Web Page

I know this web page is quite recent but I’m currently working on a better project that involves no WordPress at all. That has been my dream since I first studied Web design so, yeah. It involves Javascript coding as well as the usual HTML and CSS, so is taking me a little while to get used to it.

It will include a portfolio with case-study pages to explain some of my projects. I will upload them to Behance aswell, as it is pretty empty at the moment -sorry-.

So, why did I choose this name, this logo, this brand?

Self-identity is one of the most important things for a designer, but also we are our worst clients. It can take years for an artist to be comfortable with an artistic name or image. Some artists like to change often but that leads to confusion, and others like to keep the same nickname they had in school, which actually end up to be the best ones.

I had a few names during my career involving my initials but never liked them to be my definite ones. I wanted a short rememberable name among everything.

The word mashup for this name is Miau + Diablo. It describes my love for the cuddly, the animals, the nature and on the other side for my dark, creepy and pointy style on paintings.

After doing lots of experiments with the letter «M» which I didn’t like much because is one of the largest letters and is already on my surname, I resolved on doing experiments with ink and brush. Wich accidentally looks like a «C», another initial. But I’ve always been comfortable with that one. I find this letter more energic.

So the overall meaning is a monster mash between dragons, demons and brushes. The moment I looked at the sketch I felt giving it the color of fire to express my energic way of doing my work.

I will write a little bit more about this on its case-study with some sketchs.

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